Scholarships & Grants

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ACE Scholarships are available for any person who is a member of Arizona Correctional Educators, Inc. The scholarship monies awarded, up to $300.00 per person, can be used for Professional Development and/or trainings that will support the improvement of service to our youth.



   Full Requirements

  1. Must be an ACE member for six-months prior to making application for a stipend/scholarship.
  2. Only one award made to an individual in any one fiscal year, July 1-June 30th.
  3. Application must be directly related to improving the quality of educational and transition services and supports for students involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.
  4. Amount of the award will be determined by the ACE Board of Directors each year in accordance with the approved budget. The award amount for FY17 will be $300.00.
  5. Application must be submitted on the ACE Board approved application form including all required information and submitted according to the directions noted on the form.
  6. Applications will be processed for ACE Board approval in the order received by the Vice-President of Professional Development. Notification of approval/rejection will be provided in writing. If approved, payment will be processed by the ACE Treasurer.
  7. The ACE Vice-President of Professional Development will maintain a tracking list of all applications and dispositions and will report status to the ACE Board.
  8. All award recipients are required to submit a brief article for the ACE website/newsletter within 45 days after the conclusion of training, class, etc. Failure to submit the article may preclude the recipient from future scholarship opportunities with ACE.