Donate Financial Resources

Give financial resources that enable ACE to continue making a positive impact through professional development skills and Secure Care Education.

Ensuring Quality Education for all - 100% of the funds are allocated to Arizona’s Secure Care Education Professionals wishing to increase their professional development skills.

Our Impact - Since 2002, we have invested thousands of dollars in local scholarships to those in need in our Arizona regional communities.  In 2012 alone, we provided 9 scholarships to individuals who otherwise would not have the funds to attend the event.

It may be your donation that pushes us past a major turning point in providing funds to those who need it.  You can rest assured we'll put your contribution to good use.

Just as each of us gives for a different reason, there are many different ways to give. ACE recognizes that each donor has a unique story and unique needs.  No matter the story, we are grateful for each donor.

Please send any donations to...

ACE Treasurer
Allison Fontana
24275 N Cleveland St.
Paulden, AZ 86334
aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also contact us to process donations via credit card.